Cyber Crime


Cyber Crime

Commonly used techniques in cyber crime are:


Phishing, Vishing and Smishing are all types of cyber crime and relate to the fraudulent activity of obtaining personal information of a victim using misleading websites, emails, letter, phone calls or text messaging.

The communication will appear to have come from a legitimate source with the aim of obtaining personal information.

Once a victim’s personal details has been accessed, this information is used to commit banking fraud and identity theft.


Vishing is a fraudulent method of obtaining personal information of a victim by telephone.

For example, a victim may receive an automated phone call advising that their credit card has been subjected to fraudulent activity and advises them to call another number. Once the number is called the automated response will request credit card or bank account details. The victim enters the details allowing fraudulent use of the credit cards and bank accounts .

Do not return the phone call until you can confirm the number is from a legitimate source, this information can be obtained from billing documents or internet searches

In some instances a victim may receive a call from a “real” source. This is where a person will call a victim in order to obtain the personal details.

One scam involves a victim receiving a phone call from a person stating they are from a well known computer company. The caller advises the victim that their records show the victims computer is at risk from viruses. This person will then talk the victim through a process where they ask for remote access to the computer by requesting the IP address.

The person will then request permission to remote access the computer, once permission is granted by the victim, the person can view all personal information.

Do not allow remote access to the computer, obtain any information from the caller you can, such as their name and telephone number.

Try 1471 on your telephone hand set to obtain a telephone number once the call has concluded.

Report the call to Action Fraud


Smishing is a fraudulent method of obtaining personal information of a victim by SMS text messaging